Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jane Bess Pottery Featured Artist in Skirt Magazine!

I'm the featured artist this month for Skirt the print edition and online too!  Check out the link above.  
Sea Turtle Ornaments: Handmade pottery stoneware Sea Turtles are individually made by myself in my Edgefield, South Carolina studio.  Each adorable sea turtle has an embossed pattern that I rub into the clay by hand and then each is glazed by hand after the initial bisque firing process.  And, as always I use several glazes to create beautifully layered effects.  Each ornament is unique and original with subtle variations in pattern and color...just like a real Sea Turtle!

Sea Turtles to the SC Aquarium

Exciting News Everyone....The SC Aquarium will soon be selling my handmade pottery Sea Turtle Ornaments. Check out the SC Aquarium website when you get a chance.